Alicia Silverstone gets her body by juicing

Famous actress Alicia Silverstone has been swearing by juicing for several years now, as a means to look and feel younger, as well as in a way so that she can obtain the best body and the most impressive physical regime without spending countless hours at the gym or wasting her time with diets that don’t work and don’t get the results that her busy schedule demands.


Nicole Richie can't be seen without her green juice

If you’re a big surfer of celebrity blogs, then you've probably noticed that Nicole Richie can’t be snapped these days without a bottle of her favorite green juice. The former Simple Life star has developed such a passion for the stuff that she’s even released her own line of freshly pressed juiced. Aptly named Pressed, Richie’s refreshing selections include delicious concoctions infused with healthy superfoods like kale and spinach! As well, the self-proclaimed juice fanatic even has smooth fruit blends like fresh strawberries and lightly sweetened watermelon.


Russell Brand inspires fans to juice

It’s a well-known fact about Russell Brand that he has been using the vegan diet since he was 14. For the last two decades he’s still putting down natural rich foods like leafy greens, asparagus, and broccoli. His juicing diet still offers at least 50 grams of protein which is crucial for the body. Recently the comedian has been juicing and feels like he has been rewarded mentally, spiritually, and physically by adoption this new method called “juicing”. Juicing is another type of diet that is popular among celebrities. The “juicing” process isn’t a new, break-through diet.


Juicing Like Celebrities

So you haven’t started juicing yet? Looks like you are not taking clues from the hottest trend of this season and for years to come. There are many people around who don’t like to eat fruits. But that doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of the nutrition you get from fruits, not to forget the amazing taste and the awesome colors they come in. Still short of inspiration? Maybe you should take a hint from celebrities who juice and stay fit.


Salma Hayek Loves The Green Juice

That's reason enough for most people to drink Green Juice. If we could all look as terrific as Salma Hayek, who by the way is 46 years old, most of us would drink just about anything! But this type of vegetable and fruit juice is actually quite tasty and has a variety of different recipes that keep you from getting bored with the same old beverage.

Brussel Sprouts for Dinner? Are you kidding?


Gwyneth Paltrow juices her weight away

For three weeks of her life in 2009, actress Gwyneth Paltrow existed on a diet made up primarily of juice, called The Clean Program. It works by helping a person’s digestion by limiting them to two meals per day that consist of nothing but liquid with one solid meal to break up the two liquid meals. It is meant to give a person more energy due to the lack of allergenic and foods that can form mucus in the mouth after being eaten.

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